Location Jefferson County, CO
County Seat Jefferson County
Area by Square Miles 435.79
Population 544,781
Population Density 1,250
Median Age 38
Average Family Size 2.99
Total Households 205,321
Average Household Size 2.52
Median Home Value $228,730
Income per Capita $28,525
Median Household Income $61,207
Unemployment Rate 2.2%
Commute Time (minutes) 30
High School Graduation 91.8%
College Graduation 43.7%
Post-College Graduation 12.1%
Average Temperature-January (F) 32
Average Temperature-July (F) 64
Annual Precipitation (inches) 19
Annual Snow Fall (inches) 90
State Income Tax Rate 4.63%
Sales Tax Rate 2.9%
Local Sales Tax Rate 6
Food Tax 0
Taxes % of Personal Income 5.5
State Taxes per Capita 1645
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